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Thursday Smile Session – Goodies to brighten up your day

Thursday Smile Session – Friday is officially just down the road now and amazingly, once more, it seems like we’ll be making it through the business week. If you think of it, Monday number 4 – aka Thursday – is the “easiest” of the four Mondays to get through (Monday, Monday, Monday, Monday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday for memo).

We hope our Thursday collection of goodies will enhance your day.

Wishing you an enjoyable PMSLweb moment!

Thursday most useless day of the week ecard
My doctor said you look like the guy on the wall funny
welcome to Australia today’s forecast death
congratulations you just won a walmart funny
crossword funny
gay flight attendant funny
I’d love to talk but I’m in a hurry ecard
I heard your mum quit her job funny
nobody should have to wait 458 days for their luggage funny
my printer won’t print animated gifs properly funny
ready to party funny picture
please check if you flushed funny
now we know why nemo’s dad wanted to find him so badly funny
knight in shinny armor funny
last airbender kill me please meme
the world spent 1735$ billion on war in 2012
aggressive geese keep walking funny
hamburger wedding cake
this was actually said funny
just like flipper shark funny
who the f*ck is jack funny
meanings of meow
he broke up with you by cave painting
big hugs elmo is tired funny
we all did this demotivational
facebook version 7 update funny
I think she wants to come inside cat funny
fork you
welcome to sea world funny
Japanese people meme
jabba the hutt you can’t blame him for trying
how my broom was shipped funny
feminist double standard Barbie versus he-man
3D floor
dads of the one direction concert funny
oh you’re going to bed? Windows update funny
mom come see the kittens
how many Pringles I say I will eat funny jabba
trapped in the corner of the shower meme
hello my name is cat and this is jackass
a penny for your thoughts seems a little pricey ecard
texting heyyyyy funny
funny pole dancing kid
windows checking for solutions funny
big ear fail
beware of Joey
gas leak TV funny
men are deep thinkers
I have guard roos
funny hotel solution against theft
the sadness of pain au chocolat
awkward mother nature picture
voice activated toilet paper
sorry grandma no bingo today
you said you’d go to the end of the world for me funny
smart office fridge

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