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So it’s Hump Day – let’s make it right !

So it’s Hump DayPMSLweb productions is proud to present you yet another Hump Day collection of funny pictures, because we are aware of the fact that Wednesday is a crucial day and that the rest of the week will often depend on it! If by the end of the day you’ve managed to keep your spirits up, then chances are you should do just fine during the two remaining “work” days and pull through without suffering too much harm –we do bear in mind though that for quite a number of people the week does not end of Friday evening and our thoughts go to them in moments like this.

Wishing you a witty PMSLweb moment!

My cousins school knows what day it is hump day
the uploader has not made this video available funny meme
I’ll never forget the first time we met although I keep trying
when someone looks at my screen meme
use of google earth funny
let me check my giveashitometer ecard
marry me xray funny
the centaur of attention
my husband asked my gynecologist funny
I can’t take my marine friends to the beach funny
imagine how it would be at the gynecologist funny
who said that women can’t park
my friend asked me to photoshop this girl out the picture
for your safety keep this door closed funny
sleeping people prank
my friend couldn’t find a leash for his dog we improvised
don’t have the R & O go to the toilet at the same time
so I sent my mum this of my return from Afghanistan
don’t speak coffee cup
say what day it is hump day
boy you really messed up this time funny
took my son to a modern art museum funny
I was watching Thursday night football funny
if your phone gets wet funny
a professor explained marketing funny
better like buttons
I was driving along with my best friend pizza delivery man funny
normal Eiffel tower pictures are boring
so what facebook button funny
statue using razor
I don’t always talk on the phone
your secrets are safe with me funny quote
location of your waiter funny
in case of an emergency become thor
living with a woman funny
never play jenga with this guy
the difference between pizza and your opinion
the dogs expression speaks for all of us
you have 30s to plug me in
standing close to me in the check out line ecard
set the alarm clock to 8.07am
never put off till tomorrow what you can straight up cancel
don’t  f*ck with superglue
wrong side guys
after owning my own house funny
didn’t know where to drop my empty can funny
so you go outside with 45% battery left meme
how many men does it take to change a toilet paper roll
police funny pumpkin
that’s nice honey grandma funny
guess what day it is hump day funny

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