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Weekend lol – A collection of funny pics and gifs

Weekend lol – We hope that your weekend is looking good so far and that you’re doing your best to optimize the giggle factor – which let’s face it is the main ingredient in having a successful one. Here’s our little daily contribution, and evidently we hope that the latter will bring you entire satisfaction (although we do not apply any sort of return/exchange policy).

Wishing you a jokey PMSLweb moment!

Funny cat stretching gif – Weekend lol at

This beer is going down like a whore at

I saw you typing then you stopped at

Adele humor at

Rude pineapple – Weekend lol at

Evil spirits vodka at

Watching your alarm clock funny at

Made in China funny at

It’s called a cock funny at

You’re full of s*hit ecard – Weekend lol at

Finger in dog butt at

I know I told you I’d call back ecard at

Creates new church just to get divorced at

I can’t believe the government is reading my emails at

Funny Indian restaurant offer – Weekend lol at

American’s eating habits humor at

Be your own dick at

Funny alcohol quote at

Men use love to get sex at

Meanwhile in China – Weekend lol at

Nerd quote at

Dino unable to connect to the internet at

Can you fart so hard your balls explode at

Show me the last thing you copied at

Brangelina funny – Weekend lol at

Scumbag shower meme at

2$ BJ deal at casino at

Definition of mombie at

Why do porn sites have a share to facebook button at

Never trust a camel at

Diving by zero at

Remedies for hangovers – Weekend lol at

Nose blow fail gif at

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