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Weekend nonsense – A Saturday edition of funnies

Weekend nonsense – A Saturday edition of funnies

Weekend nonsense – While we hope that the weekend has been living up to your expectations so far, and that the latter has turned out to be totally stress-free, we also would like to make sure that your Saturday has correctly been punctuated with a few smiles. Just to be on the safe side, below you will find our daily selection of funnies, so why not take a few and check them out?

Wishing you a riotous weekend and a jocular PMSLweb moment!

Growing up poor humor – Weekend nonsense

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Run you stick bastards sticker

Jesus protect me from your followers humor

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Dammit Jesus get your own meme

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My dung funny Asian restaurant name

You there f*ck off humor

Your argument may be valid cat meme

You must be 18 to buy plastic knives fail

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rated stupid gif

The line king math book

I have a hat thing too funny painting caption

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Danish farmers turn your piss back into beer – Weekend nonsense

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