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Saturday humor – Our weekend selection of funnies

Saturday humor – For those looking for an efficient way to lose time, be reassured that you’ve knocked at the right door. Indeed on in virtual playground, the nonsense tends to love a live of its own on the weekend (go figure), so if you were in the mood for a few chuckles, please be our guests.

Wishing you a wicked rib-tickling PMSLweb moment!

Why are you shaped like crash bandicoot funny – Saturday humor at

Houston we have a problem Star Wars meme at

Funny blind man friend prank at

Funny King and Queen bed cushions at

Freud never played Tetris funny cartoon at

Spreading bullshit on Social media humor at

Funny French class fail – Saturday humor at

Funny men women toilet design at

The evolution of the high school student meme at

When a woman is mad tell her she’s overreacting humor at

Donald Trump’s wife always looks like humor at

Funny having a shit day t-shirt – Saturday humor at

When your dad comes home funny compilation at

Worst headline ever humor at

Funny taco bell jealous girlfriend tweet at

Funny boxing fetishism gif at

When he starts yelling too many sex instructions funny at

Rihanna remembers the combo Chris did on her tattoo – Saturday humor at

When you’re hammered but the bouncer still lets you in at

Play my father you already know the lines humor at

iPhone 6 funny quote at

If you love someone set them free funny quote at

Colombian bicycle team fail meme at

Funny Abraham Lincoln time traveler – Saturday humor at

Tracking your package online be like at

She got a pussy on her chest humor at

When a honey bee climaxes during sex WTF fact at

Primitive pickup lines funny cartoon at

Funny forever alone fish meme – Saturday humor at

Funny Facebook attention seeker status at

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