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Wild Hump day – A mischievous midweek collection of funnies

Wild Hump day – Sometime back, we discovered that Wednesday sadly was the day of the week which counted the highest suicide rate. Ever since, we redouble our efforts for what is of trying to light up a smile on your face on Hump day. We hope that today’s collection of funny pics will spike-up the mood, and that the latter will generate a few chuckles.

Wishing you a vibrant PMSLweb moment!

Sticky floor prank gif – Wild Hump day at

You’re like a white dwarf star meme at

Funny drug store sign at

Skipping the game tutorial at

Everyone brings joy to this office sign at

If Facebook ever shuts down – Wild Hump day at

Beer bus fridge at

Have you ever wondered if that dollar bill quote at

Meth is a hell of a drug at

I don’t need you funny quote at

Stop posting your problems on facebook at

Do not drink alcohol while taking this medicine ecard at

Taking traffic signs seriously in Norway – Wild Hump day at

One donut to rule them all at

You can’t regret what you don’t remember at

Sh*t cats say – Wild Hump day at

Ultimate insult creator at

Fart loading undies at

Why I shouldn’t punch you in the face ecard at

Dat a** funny front butt at

I didn’t mean to offend you ecard at

Sushi etiquette at

When boys bake with you at

If you remember these – Wild hump day at

In Canada robbers are polite at

Sink prank at

Birthday game at

Funny idiot copy/paste on facebook at

Apocalypse starts in 2010 – Wild Hump day at

We’re arriving soon car meme at

I need this bike meme at

Everything you need to know about marriage at

Sex ED class in 1930 at

Everyone I know needs what I’m selling at

Our break up was due to religious differences at

One in 5 people are Chinese – Wild Hump day at

Hairy boobs at

Who’s your Daddy Mickey and Darth Vader at

I’m going to piss all over his piss at

Facebook copy/paste fail at

Scumbag fly meme at

I need a hug funny – Wild Hump day at

How to get along at work at

Stopping distance and you at

Hellno kitty at

You’re giving me douchebumps at

Copy/paste humor at

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