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Witty sarcastic humor – A sardonic picture collection

Witty sarcastic humor – No doubt that many of you will have started to accumulate a fair amount of stress during the past two days, and it seems important to remind you the importance of ditching ballast whenever this does occur. Indeed, better safe than sorry should always be the name of the game at the end of the day, so for those of you in need of a spin on the wild side, we’ve put together today a collection of scornful pictures whom we hope will help entertain those inner demons of yours.

Wishing you a sinful PMSLweb moment and Jeff a prompt recovery!
Witty sarcastic humor

I believe at annoyed at first sight sarcastic humor

Why I avoid handshakes funny sarcastic humor

Dear bill collectors sarcastic humor

You are a wanker funny sarcastic meme

Funny sarcastic diet tip - Witty sarcastic humor

When I'm waiting for my kid to finish their story funny sarcastic meme

How an egg and a sperm can result in such a massive twat sarcastic humor

Some people on Facebook still don't know how to google stuff sarcastic humor

They say that you cannot get pregnant practicing anal sex sarcastic humor

Good morning now fuck off funny sarcastic meme - Witty sarcastic humor

I'm not sure if my life is getting better funny sarcastic quote

When your girl gets home and starts telling you about her day funny sarcastic meme

FORD teaching kids to walk funny meme

Funny sarcastic mother's day status - Witty sarcastic humor

When dumbass just doesn't cover it sarcastic humor

The sun has the power to turn you into a raging alcoholic sarcastic humor

He's got an opinion funny sarcastic meme

Two rules to remember about my page sarcastic humor

Funny morning instructions - Witty sarcastic humor

I don't give a crap about being politically correct sarcastic humor

I lost 5 pounds funny sarcastic text message

Get pregnant to find out who your real friends are funny sarcastic comment

This person will most likely offend you sarcastic Facebook humor

I've had way too much wine sarcastic ecard - Witty sarcastic humor

Today is national you're gorgeous day sarcastic humor

I don't speak croissant funny text message

The movie industry needs to work on their shit sarcastic humor

I can't turn water into wine funny quote

No one knows your business like other people sarcastic quote

If the sun is out so is this twat sarcastic meme - Witty sarcastic humor

Were you born near a highway funny sarcastic text message

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