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Your Weekend Giggles? A few true blue ones ahead!

Your Weekend Giggles? – We dare you not to laugh at least once! Bet on?

5 questions
Not as easy as it seems right?
acdc school
Where is the admission form
Only one word comes to my mind right now….pain!
batman rules
Well he is just a dude after all
bieber google
Bierber? Google knows…
black baby
Scary when you realize that it’s natural for some people
desperate situations
Because McGyver isn’t the only one to be able to pull that sort of trick
do you like tennis
Sport online at its best
fantasy vs reality
Welcome back to reality
forgot it
When a potato fails
The Aries is a stubborn creature
We found it wise to show you the ‘before’
in the event of water landing
Must of missed this one in the plane rack
Knock knock knocking on Penny’s door
ladies first
Until now you thought he was a real gentleman
Pushing it to a whole new level
mac windows
Suit yourself
plumber brothers
Oki now I want to see Bowser
money prank
We would of all fallen for it
kitty fun
And you thought you were safe with mummy hey?
my girl
We all suspected
road patrol
But you’re a rebel right?
paperclip fail
You bet it was done on purpose!
Inspiration for a crossover?
parenting big time
Makes you love yours doesn’t it
Period Fail
And to say these people will be our ‘tomorrow’
pigeon targets
Wonder what the criteria is
pregnancy fail
See, mama knows…
real signs
Now they all make sense
real cat woman
Sure you never wondered about this
reese witherspoon
Makes a hell lot of a difference
You’ll be set once and for all
I would of answered the same…seriously
I’ll avoid commenting
soft kitty
Purrrre pleasure
superman fail
tampon autocorrect
Friendship: What it’s really about
thinking of her
When a woman haunts a man
trouble coming up
The next picture was too painful on the eye
truth revealed
A very important message is suppose to come out of this
try this trick
Undecided Question
Surely you all knew where this was going
understanding women
You no longer have excuses when it comes to women now
war face
Hell yeah!
number plate
We all agree?

Sleeping at work, you’re doing it right!
work sleep
This must be done on purpose, no joke
iphone gay fail
You don’t stand a chance when it comes to autocorrect
yoo suck
His parents obviously never took English in school

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