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Funny Monday – Let us set the weekly mood

Funny Monday – Would you believe it, our all-time favorite “Monday strikes back” is airing today and once more we’ll be forcing ourselves to sit through it. A bucket of popcorn would serve no purpose whatsoever here, so why not settle for a glass of wine instead (did we say one?). In the meantime, please do feel free to serve yourselves to our latest collection of funnies… free of charge as usual.

Wishing you an unhinged PMSLweb moment!

When I have work to do gif – Funny Monday at

Monday I told you to f*ck off at

Where have you been all my life funny ecard at

Grandmother online humor at

Cat pentagram – Funny Monday at

I got this meme at

Take on me humor at

Funny facebook facts at

Pikachu straw fail at

Flies at the restaurant – Funny Monday at

WW2 was a game of paper, scissors and rock at

Discover that you are the world’s biggest control freak at

Fridge raider at

Dinosaurs do not have the moves at

Renaissance operation game – Funny Monday at

If you remember this you had no internet at

Once upon a time daddy didn’t pull out fast enough at

I ate too much food meme at

Lion king funny at

Mum sucks blocked nose – Funny Monday at

Forever alone Ikea at

Mum makes sock prettier at

Pussy vs Spartan toilet paper at

Naughty pokemon humor at

Jesus is always online – Funny Monday at

Breakfast of champions funny at

Scotch whisky flavored condoms at

Plane caught on fire selfie at

Funny Monday smoker at

Youtube cheering grey at

Speed mating cartoon at

Weird butt hole game – Funny Monday at

Facebook weather forecast at

Ending a sentence with just saying at

Placenta tea at

Spiderman dancing humor at

The sound of music machine guns gif – Funny Monday at

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