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A category regrouping all of PMSLweb’s most funny website findings and creations: Funny pictures, videos and jokes await you here.

Silly Sunday – The wild procrastination zone

Give peas a chance John Lennon humor – Silly Sunday

Silly Sunday –In opposition with Nike, if Sunday had its own slogan, the latter could possibly be “Just don’t do it”. Indeed, Sunday isn’t really know to be a day that flirts with motivation, but when it comes to relaxation, that can turn out to be a whole different story. In order to perpetuate the laze, why not dedicate the ... Read More »

TGIF Funniness – Our Friday edition of goodies

I’ve stopped drinking for good humor – TGIF funniness

TGIF Funniness – Our Friday edition of goodies TGIF Funniness – As usual, when Friday suddenly appears on the red carpet, the most notorious day of the week makes a glamorous and sensational entry. Wild but classy, humble but confident, and flirty but faithful could definitely sum him up; and when you ask him who he decided to wear today, ... Read More »

Thursday funnies – Your delivery of daily giggles

Friday is never close enough humor – Thursday funnies

Thursday funnies – Usually as of Thursday, your mood should start to progressively increase, in order to reach its peek tomorrow night. If you give it some thought, the 4th day of the week tends to be underrated in a way; we all experience a certain relief once the first three days of the week are finally behind us, and ... Read More »

Wednesday lolz – A collection of midweek funnies

What service really means joke

Wednesday lolz – Welcome to our latest edition of midweek funnies. Once more, hours of internet scavenging have allowed us to come across all sorts of nonsense (the internet is an inexhaustible source for that after all) and since “sharing is caring”… If you’re in the mood/need for a few giggles, why not take a few minutes and check out ... Read More »

Foolish Monday – Kickstarting a brand new week

Funny tax refund Nigerian scam

Foolish Monday – We hope that you are finally settling into 2016 without too much hassle, and that you haven’t had to fight the urge to strangle anyone so far… Just kidding (but, then again…)! As dictated by tradition, Monday is always the perfect occasion to spike up a tad the mood, so without further ado, the time has come ... Read More »

Weekend nonsense – A Saturday edition of funnies

Danish farmers turn your piss back into beer – Weekend nonsense

Weekend nonsense – A Saturday edition of funnies Weekend nonsense – While we hope that the weekend has been living up to your expectations so far, and that the latter has turned out to be totally stress-free, we also would like to make sure that your Saturday has correctly been punctuated with a few smiles. Just to be on the ... Read More »

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