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Euro 2016 memes and funny pictures

Euro 2016 memes and funny pictures – Since June 10th any football (aka soccer) enthusiast has more than probably been dedicating part of his time to UEFA’s prestigious and thrilling Euro 2016 competition. Once more, the latter has dished out a fair amount of surprises to its fans during the past month, and shown beyond doubt that nothing is ever carved in stone.

PMSLWeb Euro 2016 memes and funny pictures

A few notable (and unforeseen for a few) events of this 2016 edition include:
In the 1/8 –Finals

- Switzerland 1- 2 Poland
- Italy 2 – 0 Spain
- England 1 – 2 Iceland (let’s face it, the biggest buzz of this Euro)

In the ¼ – Finals

- Wales 3 – 1 Belgium

In the ½ Finals
- Germany 0 – 2 France

After the cup holding us spellbound for 4 weeks, the suspense finally hit its end when Portugal beat Wales on July 6th and France booked a return ticket for Germany the following evening.

Verdict: Tonight at 9pm CEST time in St Denis (France), the UEFA European Championship Cup final will oppose the French Fédération Française de Football to the Portuguese Federação Portuguesa de Futebol.
France – Portugal Euro 2016 final PMSLweb

Before tonight’s conclusion kickoff, we thought that it would be quite entertaining to propose you a quick humorous recap of this 2016 Euro via funny and noteworthy football memes, tweets, pictures and gifs that you may have come across (or not) during the competition.

While we will dedicate a major part of our post to the ¼ and ½ finals a little further down, we could not resist and treating you to a little “Euro in a Nutshell no comment Preface”.

Euro 2016 in a nutshell

Funny Euro 2016 meme – Euro 2016 memes and funny pictures

Hilarious Euro 2016 text message

Funny England football Brexit

English team went to visit an orphanage joke

Funny English football bingo

England last team to beat Portugal and France humor

Funny English football bus for sale

Only England could exit Europe twice in a week humor – Euro 2016 memes and funny pictures

Gary Lineker funny Euro 2016 tweet

Funny Bristish airways Euro 2016 tweet

Funny British fan Euro 2016 tweet

Funny game of thrones English football meme

Netherlands straight outta Euro 2016 humor

Funny Joachim Low scratch and sniff – Euro 2016 memes and funny pictures

Funny Fernando Santos meme

Funny Gareth Bale looks like the championship league trophy

Laurent Blanc and Ronaldo meme

Job Cristiano Ronaldo funny meme

Funny Ronaldo and Matuidi photoshop – Euro 2016 memes and funny pictures

Funny Ronaldo French cancan photoshop

Funny Ronaldo in haunted house photoshop

Funny Ronaldo and Patrice Evra photoshop

Funny Payet, Ronaldo & Boateng photoshop

Ronaldo versus Griezmann funny cartoon

We all have dat friend - Euro 2016 memes and funny pictures

Poland versus Portugal Euro 2016

On June 30th during the first ¼ finals, after finishing on a 1-1 score (Lewandowski/Renato Sanches), Portugal wins Poland 5-3 on penalty kicks.

When it feels like it’s just not your night Ronaldo humor

Big Dave would have stuck that funny tweet – Euro 2016 memes and funny pictures

Funny POLPOR Bwin tweet

Pepe during POLPOR game funny tweet

Wales versus Belgium Euro 2016

On July 1st, Wales created quite the event by offering their fans their fourth win on five games, by defeating Belgium 3 – 1 (A.Williams – Robson Kanu – Vokes /Naingollan).

Bale queen of dragons humor

Fellaini so much for blondes have more fun

Scenes in Wales as they qualify for the semifinals funny tweet

Germany versus Italy  Euro 2016

On July 2nd both German and Italian fans were held spellbound during a 90 minutes confrontation, ending on a score of 1 – 1 (Özil/Bonnuci), and which lead to a very intense penalty kick shootout during which Germany finally grabbed the precious semi-finals sesame by scoring a 6 – 5 (Matteo Damian sadly missed his decisive spot-kick).

Muller in the Euro versus during the world cup humor

Kimmich has GCSE math exam in the morning funny tweet

Interesting tactical battle Germany vs Italy funny tweet – Euro 2016 memes and funny pictures

Funny Boateng ballerina photoshop

Funny Boateng’s defensive approach tweet

Funny Boateng volleyball photoshop

Subs on zaza to take the penalty funny meme

Funny Zaza needs to go to the toilet gif

Funny zaza heat map – Euro 2016 memes & funny pictures Zaza’s penalty has just landed funny tweet


Germany vs Italy funny penalty shootout tweet

We all feel sorry for Buffon meme – Euro 2016 memes and funny pictures

France versus Iceland Euro 2016

The last ¼ finals game was played on July 4th and opposed France to a team which was making history by reaching this stage of the championship, and whom was greatly and respectfully saluted by all: Iceland! Their amazing Euro 2016 journey came to an end after this encounter though, as France fenced the game with a 5 – 2 (Giroud- Pogba – Payet – Griezmann/ Sigthórsson-B. Bjarnason)

Iceland on their way to Paris Euro 2016 humor

GriezMan the new super hero meme

Griezmann sliding with the penguins funny photoshop

Portugal versus Wales Euro 2016

On July 6th, the first semi-finals game of this Euro 2016 offered us a Portugal/Wales head to head during which the Seleção were the first of two teams to qualify for the finals with an ending score of 2 – 0 (Ronaldo – Nani).

Funny Messi photoshop troll posing with Portuguese team

Chris Gunter’s parents missed their son’s wedding to watch the semi final

How fans see Wales versus Portugal meme

Funny PORWAL game tweet – Euro 2016 memes & funny pictures

Cristiano knocks Welsh dragon down humor

Paris celebrates Portuguese qualification


Germany versus France Euro 2016

On July 7th, the time has come for the remaining two semi-finalists to battle for the second and last Championship final ticket. After a first half time mostly tainted by German domination, France finally snaps up and offers its country a 2 -0 win (both scored by Griezmann).

Funny German GERFRA game tweet

GERFRA man of the match funny meme

Funny Schweinsteiger photoshop

Funny Joachim Löw painting parody – Euro 2016 memes and funny pictures

Funny Frafrica French team

Griezmann in French squad funny meme

France beats Germany in Semi funny meme

Griezmann defeats Germany funny cartoon

When Özil remembers what team he plays for humor

In other football news Euro

Well, let’s face it, while the European championship has massively dominated these past weeks on the football world/news front, we are sure that some other interesting football related reports may have also caught your attention (and I’m so sure that you have figured out where we are going with this, haven’t you…). Before letting you be, we have decided to dedicate the last part of this post to some non-Euro related football-linked goodies…

Who is Takuma Asano humor

When your girlfriend wins at FIFA meme

Messi’s ball joins Ramos ball on the moon funny cartoon

Funny Messi T-shirt photoshop

Messi and Maradona funny cartoon

Messi 21 months jail sentence funny meme

Messi introduces his new uniform humor

Funny FIFA 17 cover – Euro 2016 memes and funny pictures

Funny FIFA 17 new carreer modes

That’s all folks, we hope that you had a fun PMSLweb moment in our company, and wish you an exciting and action-packed Euro 16 final!

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