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Monday playtime – Enhancing the new week with style

Monday playtime – While starting a new week is always a toughie, there’s no reason why we cannot attempt to make the most of it. We hope that the following collection of funny pictures will contribute to setting the tone; and needless to say a wild and devilish one.

Wishing you a delightful new week and a jokey PMSLweb moment!

Vin Diesel sausage roll – Monday playtime at

Justin Bieber baby,baby,baby meme at

Snow white French kiss at

Craig’s list pervert at

Yellow traffic light meme at

Rock, paper, scissors humor at

Zombie pot plant – Monday playtime at

Funny Viagra advert at

L’Oreal Satan hair at

My reaction when the doctor asks meme at

Forget Johnny Depp chocolates at

Girls versus guys covering up – Monday playtime at

Ricky martin’s hair humor at

The universe is expanding meme at

Xbox Juan game at

Divorced guys joke at

What if I told you at

Fire chief’s ex-wife’s house is on fire – Monday playtime at

Star wars episode 7 humor at

I hide my wife’s inhaler joke at

Private browsing humor at

Bieber twitter pregnancy comment at

How long will it take mum to notice at

Grand theft Mario – Monday playtime at

Guys and boobs humor at

Best era ever meme at

What if I told you advert funny at

The walking bed at

Car before versus after instagram at

I’m done with facebook meme – Monday playtime at

Barcode and hair comb humor at

The recto rotor at

Bearded lady bourbon advert at

Hoe teletubbie  at

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