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Tuesday funnies – Your daily dose of fun

Would you watch Jaws like this? At

Tuesday funnies – If you slowly feel the desire to procrastinate increase as the day goes by, you probably should consider paying due attention to your body’s needs. Indeed, just the same way as it craves for water or a specific vitamin at given moments, at others your body (and more precisely your mind) urgently needs to disconnect itself from ... Read More »

Humorous Tuesday – Funny bone quality time

Funny titses chocolate – Humorous Tuesday at

Humorous Tuesday – Given that we’ve often pointed out that Tuesday is known to be the most productive day of the week, today we’ve decided to prove that productivity and procrastination are not incompatible. Indeed our own personal –and very elaborate – studies have often shown that treating yourself to a little funny bone quality time every now and then ... Read More »

Silly Tuesday – Inflate your chuckle meter

Funny CSI can’t stand idiots at

Silly Tuesday – As your journey up to mount hump’s peak will often turn out to be quite a sinuous one, we allow ourselves to remind you that catching a breath every now and then is advised, at least as far as maintaining a certain level of sanity is concerned. Once more, we hope that our daily selection of funnies ... Read More »

Tuesday chuckles – Your daily edition of funnies

Funny when your mum took your temperature as a kid meme at

Tuesday chuckles – While various surveys tend to confirm that Tuesday turns out to be the most productive day of the week, this does not in any way exempt you from treating your funny bone to its daily dose of ammo. The time has come to enhance a tad the general mood, so here goes…. Wishing you a smile-packed PMSLweb ... Read More »

Tuesday nonsense – Our daily selection of silly pics

Evolution continues humor at

Tuesday nonsense – Once more the time has come to submit to your appreciation (or should we say funny bone) our daily selection of funny pictures. After surviving the first two days of the standard business week, those concerned should definitely take the time to catch a breath and top up their giggle-o-meter before reaching the St Hump peak tomorrow. ... Read More »

Tuesday LOL – A handful of funnies to set the mood

Funny giraffe evolution at

Tuesday LOL – We hope that the new week hasn’t been too rough on you so far, and that you’ve managed to stay clear of any negative vibes (aka life sucking morons) who weirdly seem to bloom whatever the season and whereabouts. That being said, we’ve noticed that the peeps who visit usually know just how to deal with the ... Read More »

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