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Smileys invented in 1862? The mystery remains

smileys invented in 1862

Were smileys invented in 1862? – While you already knew about the X-files, it’s with the greatest of honors that we bring to your attention the PMSLweb-files. Unresolved or unexplained online cases can appear once in a while among our posts, and what will follow will be left to your entire appreciation. Some time back, very savant observers of vintage online-documents noticed that one of Abraham Lincoln’s transcripts – which goes back to 1862 – seems to include a weird character that one could easily see as being the first famous ;-) emoticon. Evidently the opening brackets before the word “applause” will lead us to reasonably conclude that this was just a typo but hey… you never know!
Could Lincoln be the one to have invented smileys???? Could our whole lives have been a lie?????

smileys invented in 1862

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