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Biggest No Life in the world – We found him!

The world’s biggest No Life – We found him! Ladies and Gentlemen, please let us introduce you to Bradster (his nickname evidently) whom we grant with the title of the “Biggest No-life” ever. Honestly he deserves a standing ovation as he was known to possess 36 World of Warcraft accounts , the latter allowing him to raid all by himself… (who needs friends after all).

In order to proceed, Bradster had to purchase 11 PC’s, and would spend 5,711$ a year (which do not include the hardware related costs of course). Mind you it really isn’t as bad as one could think since it turns out that he’d only really manage 5 accounts himself, as it was pointed out that the other 31 were uploaded to a forum…. but in all cases Bradster, we salute you!
biggest no life
His office is every geek’s dream come true!
wow office - biggest no life

wow office - biggest no life

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