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Amusing pictures – A Monday collection of laughables

Amusing pictures – As we leave yet another weekend behind us, 2015 already seems to be giving us bouts of “déjà-vu”. No matter which week, month, year or even century, chances are Monday remains Monday no matter what. Focusing on increasing the daily-smile count seems like a plan right now, so please allow us to take it as from here….

Wishing you a lovely new week ahead and a fun PMSLweb moment!

Forever a gnome – Amusing pictures at

I have no idea what I’m doing dog meme at

Learn to speak English with Samuel L Jackson at

Funny data Star Trek windows fail at

Gaviscon humor at

Funny Aussie Microsoft Windows – Amusing pictures at

Funny gay news title at

Cow jumped over the moon cartoon at

Hey dad cat meme at

F*ck you I’m a cat meme at

Funny Youtube glove at

Helping a customer humor – Amusing pictures at

Funny Zelda send link at

Funny hitman monkey and cat  at

Shark kicks down the door humor at

Piglet is a villain at

Funny camel toe versus moose knuckle at

Funny peptobismol medicine – Amusing pictures at

Wifi undergarments at

Reeebok stahp meme at

Accidental cat kick at

You could help them meme at

Captcha fails at

Thresher shark bad navigator – Amusing pictures at

Cat scratching the door humor at

Web designer humor at

I wish you could come alive cartoon at

Funny cartoon your father’s penis at

Funny Tetris cartoon at

Facebook board game – Amusing pictures at

Server and smartphone browser humor at

Give me your marbles meme at

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