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Amusing pictures – A weekend gallery of funny pics

Amusing pictures – Saturday is here and it’s time for us to settle down into weekend mode, turning the page on a love-tainted Friday that we hope resulted in a trip to seven heaven… Please note that if it did not turn out to be the case, treating your liver to an orgy was a very viable alternative.
Anyway, let’s now switch back to our usual schedule shall we?

Wishing you a divine PMSLweb moment!

Optical illusion – Amusing pictures at

How women think men pee at

Rude and unreasonable chicken at

Found waldo – Amusing pictures at

Redneck TV tray at

Four elements of life lays humor at

I don’t always do the vacuuming meme at

Shower gel humor at

Taxi and pedestrian cartoon – Amusing pictures at

Signs they didn’t teach you at diving school at

Funny little shark meme at

How Hollywood guns really work at

Cooking bacon with dogs meme at

He wins the selfie Olympics – Amusing pictures at

The wifi friendzoned you at

Science versus religion nativity scene at

Let the bird chill in the sink at

This fish has seen some sh*t at

E-harmony fail – Amusing pictures at

Can you find the face of god in this picture at

Treesome meme at

My favorite animal cookie at

You’re home early cat meme at

Canadian bicycle – Amusing pictures at

Funny T-shirt at concert picture at

High performance woman warning at

Anyone else feel like this gas tank funny at

I’ll rise but I won’t shine at

Facebook woman – Amusing pictures at

Blind man seems legit at

I hear this guy’s a real dick at

Funny lego meme at

Paper towel prank – Amusing pictures at

The worst name for an apple store employee at

Cat snowman meme at

Earwig meme at

What is my cat thinking humor at

Chill pill breaking news at

Blue tongue papa smurf – Amusing pictures at

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