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LOL pics – Your delivery of funny pictures

Funny meme when someone leaves you their trolley at

LOL pics – With two Monday’s remaining on our calendar before we kicks tart a new year , weirdly enough the spirits tend to be up back up and ready for trouble. Let’s face it, the holiday season is conducive to cheerfulness in a general manner, and to be honest, we wouldn’t want it any other way. On these wise ... Read More »

Funny Monday collection – Welcome to the chuckle zone


Funny Monday collection – As a new week debuts, some of us may tend to feel slightly low-spirited. Indeed, jumping out of bed before the alarm clock goes off while displaying a delighted grin on a Monday morning isn’t – let’s face it- all that common. Nonetheless, if you do find yourself belonging to that specific category of people, well… ... Read More »

Fun pics – Dishing out your daily dose of funnies


Fun pics – Why not treat yourself to a chuckle powered moment with the following collection of funny pictures. Indeed, the weekend now clearly appears on the horizon, so before reaching the latter, the remaining mood requirements should just turn out to be a formality. Wishing you a fun-packed PMSLweb moment! Read More »

Silly pictures – When nonsense is bliss


Silly Pictures – As we know by now, Internet can turn out to be the ultimate cradle of claptrap. Through the following collection of funny pictures, we shall attempt to image the prior statement for those of you who are still not 100% convinced (although we highly doubt that any form of proof still is required by now). Wishing you ... Read More »

Hilarious Thursday – Friday eve’s collection of funnies


Hilarious Thursday – While Friday is known to be the most beloved day of the week, many of us also turn out to have a soft spot for his brother Thursday. Indeed, during this specific day, the number of f*cks given often seriously tends to decrease. Stupid people happen, but you’ll always be more willing to ignore them on Thursday ... Read More »

Funny images – Setting the mood for the new week


Funny images – Oddly enough, time always tends to fly by at the speed of light during the weekend, and before you realize it, Monday is there squarely requesting its weekly heads-up with you. During the latter on the other hand, time just seems to drag along, and the more you’ll check your watch (or phone, if not your computer ... Read More »

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