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New week humor – Your Monday selection of funnies

Funny I drink in moderation – New week humor at

New week humor – Today during your encounter of the new week kind, you have had the honor of being greeted by the 21st Monday out of the 52 which are featured in 2015’s calendar. Sadly enough, thirty one still remain to pull through, but given those you have survived so far, we have faith in you. In order to ... Read More »

Sunday laughter – Time for some dominical smiles

All aliens are beautiful humor at

Sunday laughter – Sunday being the procrastination day by predilection, nothing more normal than to spend time surfing the world wide web. Landing on various pages, depending on which way the wind is blowing. We are proud to be part of your dawdling plan, and it’s with the greatest of pleasures that we shall now submit to your appreciation our ... Read More »

LOL pictures – Your Thursday gallery of funnies

Funny how to call a family meeting at

LOL pictures – With less than 48h to go before officially kick starting the weekend festivities, no doubt that many minds are starting to wander. Please allow us to contribute to this state of mental vagrancy, by submitting to your appreciation our selection of funny images for this Thursday, so feel free. Wishing you an entertaining PMSLweb moment! Read More »

Thursday nonsense – A mood enhancing funny gallery

funny superman illegal immigrant

Thursday nonsense – This time tomorrow, some will comfortably be settling Into the first hours of the weekend, while others will gradually see the business week’s finishing like appear before their eyes. Let’s face it, past this point, the most dreaded part of the week is finally behind us, and as of now the way forward is simple: doing what ... Read More »

Monday chortles – A new week delivery of smiles

Shut up on music sheet humor at

Monday chortles – While one would think that by now the good old Monday ritual would have slowly became something we would fully accept and submit ourselves to, our stubborn and rebellious nature seems to have decided otherwise. The grudge we hold against the latter never seems to run out of steam, and by the looks of it won’t do ... Read More »

Wacky Monday – Starting the week on the right foot

You have the right to remain stupid quote at

Wacky Monday – In order to correctly start the week and turn the latter into a enjoyable and proficient experience, one must take special care into boosting up his mood ASAP. Given that these days, oceans of procrastination matter are only ever one click away, why not allow yourself to succumb to temptation and check out the following… Wishing you ... Read More »

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