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The weekend is here – let’s kick-start the giggles !

go the fok to sleep

The weekend is here – Time to top up your glass of booze –or juice, or booze & juice… or coffee….whatever makes your day really – and get comfortable in front of the computer for what will probably turn out to be yet another very productive day no doubt! Now that you’re set, If you may, please allow us to ... Read More »

TGIF – Breaking the cast off the Funny Bone

I just dropped the f*ck I was about to give

TGIF – Would you believe it, Friday is finally knocking at your door, and it’s about time that this grimful week hit its end. Yes we know that you’re already dreading to say goodbye to your beloved co-workers, and while you will try to deny, tears are welling up just at the thought of having to get through the next ... Read More »

Thursday Smile Session – Goodies to brighten up your day

fork you

Thursday Smile Session – Friday is officially just down the road now and amazingly, once more, it seems like we’ll be making it through the business week. If you think of it, Monday number 4 – aka Thursday – is the “easiest” of the four Mondays to get through (Monday, Monday, Monday, Monday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday for memo). We ... Read More »

So it’s Hump Day – let’s make it right !

the centaur of attention

So it’s Hump Day – PMSLweb productions is proud to present you yet another Hump Day collection of funny pictures, because we are aware of the fact that Wednesday is a crucial day and that the rest of the week will often depend on it! If by the end of the day you’ve managed to keep your spirits up, then ... Read More »

Merry New Week – Let’s do the happy Monday dance !

offended you are? Yoda funny quote

Merry New Week – Seven billion people on the population clock, so we can safely estimate that at least half of the latter woke up this morning, or shall I say jumped out of bed ready to do the Happy Monday Dance. Just imagine, this is undeniably the best and biggest flash-mob ever recorded! In order to celebrate this amazing ... Read More »

Lackadaisical Sunday – On your marks, get set and nothing

gerber Big Mac and fries baby food

Lackadaisical Sunday – Because attempting anything industrious would be criminal today as Sunday is known to be procrastination day, we deeply suggest that you just kick-off your shoes – in case you ever got to actually putting them on since you got up this morning let’s be honest – maybe take a nap, watch TV or play video games and ... Read More »