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Monday lol – When the new week strikes back

Monday lol – Warning, if ever your local time does not exceed 11.16am yet, please switch over to another tab and come back to visit us in a few, as today Monday, studies have shown that the average person will not smile until that specific time. Also while we’re at it, you’re suppose to spend at least 12 min complaining about the fact that today is Monday… so please do your best to include those into your schedule at some point.

Wishing you a brilliant new week and a fun PMSLweb moment!

Men at the beach funny gif – Monday lol at

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Obama your share everything plan meme at

Alien loves beef jerky cartoon at

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Weed kit for kids – Monday lol at

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You’re about to exceed the limitations of my medication at

The clap bra at

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Redneck power window – Monday lol at

Cannot install democracy at

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Bouncy boobs gif at

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Dramatic chipmunk gif – Monday lol at

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