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Wednesday ROFL – Your midweek madness delivery

Penguins think they are great sarcasm – Wednesday ROFL

Wednesday ROFL – Once more, our midweek edition of nonsense awaits you, and features the latest findings we stumbled across during our long hours of internet scavenging. If in need of a handful of chuckles search no more, and give the following collection of funnies a shot… chances are that you won’t regret your stop over. In all cases, wishing ... Read More »

Hilarious Monday – New week funnies

Funny family drama news – Hilarious Monday

Hilarious Monday – As a new week strikes us along with its machiavellian manager Brutus Monday, the last happy memories of the past weekend slowly start fading away. This calls for action, and ASAP; so we have put together a new collection of funny pictures which we hope will help you thwart any negative thoughts who could be trying to ... Read More »

Friday fun – A TGIF collection of funnies

Automatically feeling annoyed when looking at someone – Friday fun

Friday fun – As your weekend mood is slowly settling in (evidently we do realize that for most of those concerned, this probably occurred as soon as you put foot on the floor this morning), you will feel the urge to get distracted by any possible manner increase. Since nonsense will always be a top choice, please feel free to ... Read More »

Silly pictures – Friday funnies coming up

Funny Titanic Adidas logo – Silly pictures

Silly pictures – Because the transition between a hard working week and a wicked weekend must not be taken lightly, a wise move is to start working on spiking up your giggle-o-meter as of now. In order to do so, the Internet often turns out to be an efficient source of nonsense of all kind, and we hope that with ... Read More »

Hilarious Hump day – Bring it on camel

Rich and unmarried or poor and married funny kids talk at

Hilarious hump day – Our virtual playground welcomes you to its midweek edition of nonsense. Hump day is always the perfect occasion to catch a breath after dealing with the week’s evil twins – Aka Monday & Tuesday – so feel free to dig into our latest selection of funnies before starting your journey back down mount Hump. Wishing you ... Read More »

TGIF funny pics – Your Friday delivery of funnies

Thai girl joke at

TGIF funny pics – Congratulations, Friday is finally here, and while some of you have already kick started the festivities and dropped all inhibitions, the rest of us are keeping a sharp eye on our favorite weekly countdown. Long story short, time to give Friday a well deserved standing ovation in the best possible way. Wishing you a fun-packed weekend ... Read More »

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