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Monday humor – Funny pics to start the week

Monday humor – Last boarding call for the wild Monday express. A new week of exciting adventures await us, so don’t allow yourselves to miss departure. Wicked on board giggles, chuckle-riddled stopovers and jaw breaking sightseeing are featured in this week’s program, so buckle up and let’s get to it!

Wishing you a fun PMSLweb moment!

Do not irritate warning- Monday humor at

We salute this genius man at

Ancient Egypt spell check at

Funny liana fail at

Funny paleontology at

Facebook leggings fail – Monday humor at

Dog life vs cat life at

If you give mommy a glass of wine at

Common sense joke at

IDGAF crab at

Cat versus red dot game at

What my cat thinks he looks like – Monday humor at

Now I get it meme at

Friendzoned Jesus humor at

Funny lassie get help at

Toilet demonstration fail at

The story of SHE humor – Monday humor at

Selfie per hour sarcasm at

Lie detector drama meme at

Gordon Ramsey soufflé meme at

Funny pope smell at

Islamic guess who at

Scotch whisky flavored condoms – Monday humor at

Ho depot meme at

Depressed fish meme at

Funny cat fail at

Woman breastfeeding cat – Monday humor at

Asian T-shirt fails at

facebook moron at

No need to repeat yourself quote at

Funny task failed windows error at

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